WELCOME to our site. We would like to explain how we started a limousine service from
our very small city of 400 people. Yes, 400 people. It goes like this. We took a terrible limo
ride one day & that's how it all began.

We knew nothing about renting limousines but figured they are all the same. NOT. You
must do your homework before renting one....we had NOT. The limo showed up, the  
driver was not very friendly nor dressed like what we had expected. We got into the car &
were we ever disappointed, after a discussion of limo etiquette with my mother, we did put
up the privacy divider that was cracked & glued. We did not want the driver to hear our
conversation, not that we had big dark secrets. We TRIED to turn on the radio, but the
knob was gone. The seats, carpet & headliner were full of cigarette burns & so dirty.  By
this time I was not pleased I had not done my homework. The car smelled awful so we
TRIED to open the sun roofs for fresh air., They were glued shut with the white caulking
that I've only seen in our shower. We decided to make the best of this...We continued with
our journey to the casino & had a good time & talked IF we had a limo it would be nicer
than the one we just rented.

A few months later, Dwaine came home from a bad day at work & says,"I think we
should get in the limo business." I just laughed & found a toy one at the store to humor
him. It never settled the desire to get into the business.....so three months later we
purchased our first limousine. We started advertising in the newspapers, passed out our
cards, displayed fliers & were on our way. Then one day we got a phone call from THE
limo company we had used. They said, "I don't see that you are licensed with the PSC."
"the what" we said ? We quickly learned that PSC refers to The Public Service
Commission in Lincoln. The limousine industry is regulated & we had no idea that we had
to do that. We could have been fined $5000.00! YIKES!  So we decided right there &
then....If we are going to do this we were going to do it RIGHT or NOT at all.  In 199
3 we
were granted our own authority & so excited.

The PSC is a good thing. They regulate where we go, what we charge & inspect our cars
for safety. So...when you are thinking of renting a limousine, check with the PSC first to
see if the company you are considering is fully licensed & insured.  Just to assure you, we
are fully licensed & insured.

We have seen a lot of limousine companies come & go in the
nineteen years we have been
at it. It is NOT a get rich quick or easy business.  We had no idea how this would grow .
Our small towns have just as much class as people in the big city. We have proms,
weddings, graduations, birthdays & like the finer things in life too. We have gone from that
first little car to 8 now & have expanded  to Grand Island and are very proud to be the only
limousine service in the Northeast Nebraska area. We have authority to go to all the
surrounding states as well.

We have enjoyed the business & all the wonderful people we have met. We will always
remember our first limo ride & try to make yours a much more pleasant experience.

We have a "REAL" person answering the telephone for you, who will be glad to answer all
of your questions, even if you think they are dumb. We will be glad to help you with your
needs for that special event you are planning.

We have a certified mechanic routinely service our vehicles inside & out to insure that all is
working as it should so you don't  have a bad experience like we had.

Give us a call today and we will help make your special moment a little more special.
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